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2021 Update And Your Home Value

Within 1-2 days, you will receive an email or phone call with an updated home valuation report.  This report will include the latest sales and numbers that apply to your home.

A quick note on our market:
Home values were on a steady rise prior to the COVID-19 crisis.  Right now?  Home values have JUMPED even higher.  Buyers are lining up to make offers.  Homes are selling at a premium and often over asking price.  With many homes, we are seeing multiple offers.

If you are thinking about selling, you'll be very happy with the numbers we will show you.  Plus, our marketing can help to increase the sale price on your home!

If you want or need to sell in the near future.  I would STRONGLY encourage you to reach out to me for a quick chat on how to prepare your home to sell in our current market.  

Give me a call and let's talk.

I look forward to assisting you,

Richie Morgan

Keller WIlliams/Chatthoochee North


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